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My Styles

Artwork Styles

Vector Art

Scanned hand drawn illustrations are used as the basis of Adobe Illustrator vector art. As vectors are not restricted by resolution they have the advantage that they can be extensively enlarged. The original vector file you receive can be used for the small logo you use on your letterheads and website or enlarged for signs on your vehicle or even your building without losing any quality.

Photoshop File

These files are dependent on resolution but offer a wider range of illustrative styles. Being a direct scan of a hand drawn illustration they are more suitable if you require a sketchy freehand style as in some book illustration or editorial cartoons.

The style you choose depends on the look you wish to achieve.

Cartoon POW!

Have you ever walked past a cartoon advertisement without reading it? Cartoons create interest they’re attention grabbers.Why not create a cartoon character people can identify with to represent your business. When it comes to promotions your cartoon character’s great for identifying your business and ensuring customers are aware of your latest offers.

Once you have your cartoon character, you may choose, for a small cost, to have different versions created. It may be for a time of the year like a Christmas promotion or the character may adopt a theme to promote a product or service. However you use your new cartoon POW! you can be sure of one thing, your cartoon will get you noticed.

Comic Strip Advertisements

They know it’s an advertisement… but they’re going to read it… wouldn’t you? Comics are so easy to read, you might as well… just to see what it’s about. I can work with you to create a simple comic strip scenario, so it not only inspires interest but delivers your advertising message.

Advertising Comic strips can be cartoony fun characters or in the more serious comic book style. Either way almost everybody will we spend the little time it takes to read them.

Book Illustration

Illustrating children’s books is something I get a great deal of satisfaction from.  I’ve illustrated a number of them and bringing the authors characters to life is always a rewarding experience.

I’ve become a book illustrator across many genres; I’ve illustrated books for adults too, cartoons or illustrations can often add a lot to a book and make complex information more interesting and easier to understand. My services are open to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne as an illustrator.

Stylised Illustrations

A stylised logo (creating an image with just a few simple lines) incorporated with your business name can project an stylish image, and a create a logo image people will remember and associate with your business.


Cartoons/illustrations with purpose

I’ve had requests for many different types of cartoons and illustrations for many different reasons. I know I’m a long way from exhausting all the possibilities yet.

Here are just a few.

• Cartoon Logos • Advertisements • Websites • flyers • Corporate Christmas cards

• Book illustration including book cover design • Instructional books for adults to make them more interesting and easier to understand.

• Regular cartoons for magazines. How much more interesting would your in-house magazine be with a regular cartoon?

• Spot the difference Cartoons. Competitions are great promotions.